Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Saturday, December 4, 1926

Saturday, December 4, 1926

Found of the floor of living and dining room while cleaning house. Not mussed up as much as sometimes.
1 airplane
1 doll chair
1 base ball
1 doll bed
1 market basket
1 tin cup
Pad for kitchen
1 piece toast
1 can rubber
1 tin cart and horse
1 revolver
1 cake box
Gilbert’s slippers
Ned’s hat
1 news bag
1 can opener
1 bather belt
Dale’s good pants
Albert’s good pants
Dale's news bag
1 box lid
1 box (garage)
1 iron truck
1 piece broken airplane
1 crayon
1 pencil
1 toy racer
2 rag dolls
1 tin box
1 leather whip
1 skate key
Doll's shoe
1 empty box
1 tin man
1 pair scissors
1 pencil
1 “blown up” Jack
2 rubber bands
3 paper clips
1 wheel
1 safety pin
11 Lincoln logs
6 blocks
1 doll dress
2 handerkerchiefs
1 button
1 clothes hanger

Lots of paper for Dick just got through eating a bunch of butterscotch and chocolates with tin foil on them. I don’t know how it happened that there were no gloves in the pile or marbles.

(I guess it was hard to keep the room nice and neat with four boys and a baby girl!)


  1. I am SO glad I found this blog!
    What a wonderful thing!
    Can't wait for the next entry!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. Would Eleanor or Marjorie know whether the "Felix" was some kind of Felix the Cat replica? I saw a wooden Felix the Cat doll in a list of collectibles that was going for a couple of hundred dollars.

    Right click on the highlighted words to open in new window

    1925 Schoenhut Felix the Cat doll at Gasoline alley Antiques.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. sister with the homestead6:38 PM, December 06, 2007

    Wow! Her house got as chaotic as mine gets!