Friday, December 07, 2007

Tuesday, December 7, 1926

Tuesday, December 7, 1926
Cold and rain or sleet

A glare of ice everywhere. Gilbert started out but couldn’t walk except on the grass and as there was no grass down town where he would have to transfer he came back and called a taxi. The $1.15 was cheaper than a broken leg. All had melted by noon. I washed. Dick and Albert busy writing “po yems”. Albert is interested because Dick is of course. But I think Dick writes some pretty clever rhymes for a kid but I realize I may be prejudiced.

(A glare of ice could be our weather forecast for this same day in 2007. Gilbert had one leg shorter than the other so I would imagine that it was worse for him to walk on snowy or icy sidewalks than for others.

And what mother doesn't think her kids are clever and talented? I doubt any of those "po yems" were kept, but they'd be interesting to read.

Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Dick and Albert always liked "po yems". I still have a little book called "A Child's Garden of Verses" that I believe Dick & Albert gave me for Christmas when I was probably about eight. Several years later they gave me a big book of James Whitcomb Riley's "Complete Book of Poems". I gave that to my youngest granddaughter. I also remember that Dick was clever at drawing cartoons and caricatures."

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