Sunday, December 18, 2022

A Botany Homework Assignment from 1908-1909

I just wanted to share that on my own website, I've shared some information about a botany assignment that Ruth Campbell Smith completed in high school in 1908-1909.

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Eleanor, the youngest daughter of Ruth and Gilbert Smith passed away on October 26, 2011. She was the last surviving sibling.  

Ruth's story continues though, through her grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.  

We are forever grateful that Grandma wrote her Books of Remembrance for several years in the 1920's, giving us a glimpse into her life and the lives of her children, my aunts and uncles.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


I am sad to report that Marjorie passed away last evening, November 5, 2010, at the age of 85.
She was born on October 5, 1925. Grandma wrote in her diary that day,

"My darling baby girl’s birthday. Had pains from 2 o’clock on, all morning but not strong enough to do any good till after 1 o’ clock. Had trouble getting Papa and held off as long as I could. He hadn’t been in the house two minutes till she came at 1:55. Gilbert had the company auto bring him in a jiffy and he was here perhaps 10 minutes. The boys are wild with joy. Such excitement and Collins, Papa and Winifred here after supper."

I am grateful to Aunt Marjorie who provided me with many comments on the entries in grandma's diary, adding tidbits of family history that none of us knew before.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

On the Occasion of Eleanor's 81st Birthday

My mom, Eleanor, is 81 today.  Happy Birthday, Mom! 

I still think often of my grandmother's diaries, of what it must have been like to live in the 1920's, how hard life was, and how very different it was from the lives we live today.

If you find these diaries, even long after I posted them on this blog one day at a time for three years, I hope you, too, enjoy them and are reminded of how hard our ancestors worked for so little and how blessed we are with what we have today.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Eleanor Turns 80

Happy Birthday to the youngest daughter of Ruth who turned 80 today, Sept. 2, 2009!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Thank You

Thank you to all the many readers who read through these diary entries one day at a time through the past nearly three years.

As you've surmised, I do not have any more of Grandma's diaries beyond 1927. My aunt has made some attempts to find out if any remaining diaries are buried in boxes somewhere amongst far-flung relatives, but has come up with nothing.

In the next few days, I'll post some additional information on Grandma, Gilbert, Dale, Dick, Albert, Ned, and Marjorie, along with my mom, Eleanor, born in 1929.

If you have any specific questions, please leave me a comment.

A very special thank you to Annie in Austin, who did many kind, random acts of geneaology, sending me emails with additional information on some of the distant relatives and grandma's neighbors.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sunday, January 1, 1928

Sunday, January 1, 1928
New Years Day. Zero. Too cold to go to Sunday school. Papa didn’t come out as he was nursing frozen pipes