Thursday, October 05, 2006

Monday, October 5, 1925

Monday, October 5, 1925

My darling baby girl’s birthday. Had pains from 2 o’clock on, all morning but not strong enough to do any good till after 1 o’ clock. Had trouble getting Papa and held off as long as I could. He hadn’t been in the house two minutes till she came at 1:55. Gilbert had the company auto bring him in a jiffy and he was here perhaps 10 minutes. The boys are wild with joy. Such excitement and Collins, Papa and Winifred here after supper.

(Finally, Happy Birthday, Aunt Marjorie! She is 81 today, and when she visits her daughter she is going online to read these diaires, too. We hope to have a comment or two from her in the near future. In the meantime, you can visit this blog article on my garden blog to see her gardens. And if you send birthday greetings, I’ll be sure she gets them!

Grandma’s father delivered the baby, he was a ‘women’s doctor’ and therefore qualified to do so. I’m a little surprised that Gilbert went to work that day, especially if Grandma was in labor at the time. I wonder if her mother (Mama) came over in the morning? Or did she just have Mrs. Little there to assist before everyone else arrived? Yes, she did have the baby at home. Obviously, having a baby is much different today than it was in 1925.

Such joy, yes, and I hope you all continue to come back and read the diaries each day, as there is more to come.

By the way, in case you haven’t caught on, comments from Eleanor are from THE Eleanor, Grandma’s other daughter, born in 1929.)


  1. Happy birth day Marj. Seems like Mother had a lot of company considering she just had a baby. She makes it sound like it's so easy, but maybe experiences count. I remember when David was born she said she wished she could have him as she knew how to do it, (David is Marjorie's first child) But I guess this is one thing you get to do ready or not.

  2. Your grandmother was one dedicated journal-keeper, Carol! She sounds very together for a woman who had a child just a few hours before this entry was written.
    I'm looking forward to hearing from your Aunt Marjorie once she sees your wonderful website.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. granddaughter of another ruth11:04 AM, October 05, 2006

    Happy day! The baby arrives! Today happens to also be the birthday of one of my children so this is especially fun to read. My October 5th baby, like Marjorie, was born at home at around 2 in the afternoon (in 2001 though, not 1925!). I love how Ruth writes, "The boys are wild with joy." That is such an evocative sentence -- I can imagine the festive mood as they greet their first sister.

  4. Happy Birthday! Since I read this blog all the time, I knew Ruth was having a girl. I forgot back then she couldn't know the sex of the baby. After 3 boys, I wonder if having a girl made it a bit more special?
    I can't wait to read about Marjorie's "growth"!

  5. Sorry, I meant 4 boys.

  6. This is Marjorie. I am not so darling now but after four children, eleven grandchildren, and fourteen great grandchildren and still counting, here I am.

    I was told grandpa and I arrived at the same time and he didn't even have time to wash his hands.

    Dear Annie of Austin,
    Mother loved writing. The ability and love of writing ran through the family here and there. On the 8th of October in 1925, my cousin Don who was 3 years old, came to visit me and he grew up to be a rather prolific author. He was the business editor of the Indianapolis Star Newspaper, and published a regular column in Indianapolis and in Phoenix AZ. He also had articles published in the Saturday Evening Post and was the author of several books dealing with the stock market. His writings were very informative and humorous.

    In 1929 when mother was still in bed after Eleanor was born, I played barber with the little girl next door. We cut each others hair. Betty Jean's mother had to take her to the barber shop and she had to have a boys hair cut. They caught us in time and my hair wasn't as bad.

  7. Hi Marjorie,

    Happy Birthday wishes, just a few days late.

    Apparently the informative and humorous writing ability still runs through your family! Carol has two wonderful blogs, her sister pop in and out to add information, and now both you and your sister Eleanor are adding fascinating comments. You're part of a very cool family.

    Annie in Austin

    PS Carol let us glimpse your garden, and told us that you're fond of Baptisia. I love it too, and am trying to establish it in my Texas garden. There's a pinky-purple plant that grows here, also called False Indigo, but it's Indigofera, not Baptisia.

  8. This is the BEST blog ever!