Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wednesday, October 21, 1925

Wednesday, October 21, 1925

Baby fretted all day and slept but very little. Had an awful time to get anything done. One good thing is that she sleeps fine at night generally and I just feel grand. Never an ache or a pain. Don’t expect to get much done for a while but try to keep things up and feed the baby.

(It sounds like Grandma had the right attitude, and didn't worry about other things not getting done, while she took care of the baby. But she did work hard before the baby was born to get the house all deep cleaned and had Gilbert paint a couple of rooms, so perhaps she just had the "usual" chores to be concerned about... cooking, washing clothes, ironing clothes, ets. It is good she was feeling so grand.)

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  1. I think Mother was lucky to have a baby this young sleep thru the night usually.Sounds like the family was getting along well. Good for her. I guess she did know how to have babies.