Sunday, October 08, 2006

Thursday, October 8, 1925

Thursday, October 8, 1925
Fair and cold
Lying in bed is getting tiresome since I feel all right again. The after pains have about left now. Ella and Don came for a little while towards evening. The Sunday school class sent flowers this AM and Mrs. Hunter called up, all of which helped to keep the day from being too monotonous.

(It almost sounds like Grandma was getting a bit ansy with all her rest? I recall the earlier diary entries where she was tired and that's all she wanted to do was rest. I hope she used some of the time for reading, which is what she wrote she wanted to do before.)

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  1. Ella, was her brother Guy's wife and Don was her son. Don Campbell grew up to be a columnist for the Indianapolis Star. He later moved to the south west and was a columnist there (sports and business) These days the doctors don't want new mothers to stay in bed (under normal circumstances). Get up Mother and just take it easy