Thursday, October 26, 2006

Monday, October 26, 1925

Monday, October 26, 1925

We got up and found the ground covered with snow and it snowed really hard for a couple of hours and then cleared off. The sun shone and by noon the snow was gone except in shady spots. Harry enjoys (?) this weather so much. Baby kept me up till midnight last night.

(Snow! The earliest I remember snow covering the ground was October 18th, but like this snow, it soon melted. Indeed, I don’t think her brother Harry enjoyed this weather at all. More on that in a few days…

Of general interest regarding the diaries, Marjorie (the baby mentioned above) has recently sent me several notes via the US mail after reading through some of my comments, and I’ll be adding her insights to future posts. She doesn’t have access to a computer, so her daughter has been printing postings a few at a time for her to read. Marjorie also noted that I’ve mixed up some of the history, especially in regards to Grandma’s brothers and who was married to whom, so I’ll be going back and correcting those entries over time, just so the record is accurate. In one of her comments she mailed to me, Marjorie wrote:

“I always figured if Grandma didn’t want people to read her diaries, she should have gotten rid of them. When Ned was about 15 and I was 13, Dale forgot to hide his diary when he had a girlfriend (Ginny) in Pennsylvania. Ned and I were laughing hysterically about Dale and Ginny “melting in each others arms” when Mother caught us, grabbed it away, and gave us a tongue-lashing. I was never aware Mother kept a diary until she died and we found them when we cleaned out her house.”

I’m looking forward to more insights and comments from both Marjorie and Eleanor!)


  1. I must have been about 9 yrs old when the "diary incident" happened, and was not aware of it. I wonder what happened to Ginny. I assume she would be in her late 80's now, if still alive.

  2. I think Mother's comment about her brother Harry must have been sarcastic, since he spent so much of his adult life in the south. (Entered by Carol for Marjorie, who is sending her comments via USmail for inclusion).