Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Saturday, October 31. 1925

Saturday, October 31, 1925

Baby has kept me up every night this week so I can hardly drag. She is a little darling but she likes the bright lights too well. The boys had a big time this evening. Dale went down town and met Gilbert and went to the show. I have been having pains in my bowels last night and today – so severe! I have no appetite and afraid to eat, but how can I nurse my baby?

(Grandma seems to be wearing down with the baby’s mixed up nights and days and to be sick on top of it all, it must have been a trying few days. Her choice of words, "can hardly drag", says so much in so few words.

See comment from Eleanor yesterday on how they went 'trick or treating'. It was more like 'trick or visiting'. She said they were invited in to have some cake or cookies or other treats wherever they went, so they didn't go to very many places in an evening.

My Dad talked a little about Halloween in the country when he was growing up. Something about about tipping over outhouses. I assume he personally didn't engage in such mischief!

I woonder if they had "tricking" like that go on in the city, too?)

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  1. Tricking in the city was about the same as in the country, If you had anything movable it got moved. Also soaping windows and making noises on the windows with anything that cold make a creepy noise, sometimes kids even used paint.