Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thursday, October 22, 1925

Thursday, October 22, 1925
Fair and cold

The boys were out of school on account of teachers’ convention and they surely did track mud in. I ironed all morning and got most of this week’s rough dry wash done – all I had to have. Then I brushed up the house, got lunch, put Ned to sleep and then Anna and Betty Jane came and brought baby a hood miles too big for her.

(Interesting to note that even "back then" they had the occasional extra day off from school when the teachers had a convention to attend.

What is "rough dry wash"?)

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  1. Marjorie: "Rough Dry Wash" are flat items like sheets, towels, pillow cases...etc. No prior dampening was needed before ironing. This was opposed to shirts, pants, and other clothing items that Mother would dampen before ironing.