Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sunday, October 4, 1925

Sunday, October 4, 1925

Nothing doing yet. Gilbert and the boys went to Sunday school. Bess came out toward evening disappointed because she expected to see the new one by this time. She and Gilbert went to see “Don Q., Son of Zorro” after supper. I feel awfully uneasy again, have all day but symptoms seem favorable again, but I dare not hope, so to bed.

(And just like Bess, I bet the readers of this diary are also disappointed that there is no baby yet.

As noted before, Grandma rarely seemed to go out of the house the last few months of her pregnancy. She had often told us that “back then”, it wasn’t considered proper for an obviously pregnant woman to be out in public.)

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  1. Just waiting around for the baby gets kind of boring, huh? Can't start anything because you might not get it done. `The day before my son was born (almost 50 years ago) I cleaned out all my kitchen cabinets (that's referred to as the nesting instinct)