Monday, October 23, 2006

Friday, October 23, 1925

Friday, October 23, 1925
Fair and cold

Winifred was going to come and finish my ironing but got sidetracked out at Katherine’s. Baby fretted all morning and I sure did need her to hold her but she didn’t come till 2. Mama and Mrs. Hoffman came then, brought baby a Tom Tinker doll. I just had gotten the boys cleaned up and the house straightened and Gilbert was late and had a time getting supper. Harry came.

(Winifred is Grandma’s niece, and I think most of the time she lived with her grandparents, Grandma’s parents. Harry is Winifred's father, Ruth's brother. Does anyone know what a Tom Tinker doll looked like? My Google search did not come up with much.)

(I finally found some info on Tom Tinker dolls. Here’s a website with a picture.)

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