Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sunday, October 11, 1925

Sunday, October 11, 1925
Rainy and cold

Gilbert, Dale, and Dick went to Sunday school but didn’t see any of our particular friends. After dinner, Edna came and brought Marjorie a dress and petticoat. Then Guy drove in with the boys and Ella. Brought Marjorie a blanket, comb and brush and some old comforts, etc. Papa and Mama came too and Guy took them all out to Mama’s for supper.

(They attended Central Christian Church, which was near downtown Indianapolis and a fairly large church, so it would not be surprising that they didn’t run into any of their “particular friends”. Sounds like a typical Sunday with some visiting and all. Mrs. Little was still there, as far as I know, so I assume she was doing all the laundry, cleaning and cooking for everyone while Grandma continued to rest.)

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