Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wednesday, October 28, 1925

Wednesday, October 28, 1925

Thought maybe Mama and Harry would come over today but they didn’t. They went to Brownsburg instead of going yesterday as per schedule, but Guys’ were at Kempton to Dorothy Smith’s funeral. She was killed in an auto accident Saturday night at Purdue. Such a lovely girl, I feel so sorry for Betty.

(I am fairly confident that Dorothy Smith was no relation to Grandma. Neither Eleanor or Marjorie know who she was.

Grandma hadn’t really gotten out much in the last several months before the baby, Marjorie, was born. From what I can tell from her diaries, she had only so far been to her mother’s since the birth, and that’s about it. I am sure she was quite stir crazy and welcomed any company at this point.)

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