Monday, October 16, 2006

Friday, October 16, 1925

Friday, October 16, 1925

It seems so good to be up again. Mama came over for a little while. Marjorie’s naval is not healing right and bleeds and stands out a little. Papa came out to see it and said he didn’t think it would be serious but gave me a tab to bind against it to hold it back. I’m afraid to let her cry and I didn’t want to spoil her but how can I help it?

(Remember that Grandma’s papa was a physician, and he seemed to be the one to treat the family’s various ailments and illnesses, even though his was a “women’s doctor”.

My mom always said you can’t spoil babies by holding them!)

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  1. That's right. Babies need to be held and cuddled to feel loved and safe. I think they make better adults. Just my opinion,