Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wednesday, October 14, 1925

Wednesday, October 14, 1925

Nothing happened to break the monotony of the day in bed. The baby sleeps for hours in the daytime but at night she wants to look at the light and grunt and root around. She isn’t bad – never had the colic but being awake that way keeps us from sound sleep. I can doze in the daytime now, but Mrs. Little has her work to do then and can’t nap.

(Grandma should have gotten up to break the monotony of lying in bed! Grandma was fortunate to have Mrs. Little around so she could stay in bed like that.

Typical baby, Marjorie had her days and nights mixed up, it seems.)

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  1. So goes the life of a family with a new baby. I tell a new mother this won't last forever. My kids never keep me up at night anymore.(of course i'm 77 years old too)