Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sunday, October 18, 1925

Sunday, October 18, 1925

Gilbert and the boys went to Sunday school and I bathed the baby for the first time. She is so good to bathe. Seems to enjoy it. Mrs. Little left after dinner. Gilbert took the boys to the park and while there Mac and Margaret came. Then Mac went and got the boys and just got in when Burs drove up with Mama and Winifred. Bee and her baby and we had a full house of all of us. Baby kept me up most of the night.

(Mac and Margaret are close friends, Mac was the nickname for Everett McMillan. He knew Gilbert from when they were growing up, and also worked at Citizens Gas co. “Burs” refers to Grandma’s brother, Bur and his family, and Winifred is Grandma’s brother Harry’s daughter, who seemed to always be living with her grandmother (Mama, Grandma’s mother). I don’t know who “Bee and her baby” were.

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