Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sunday, October 25, 1925

Sunday, October 25, 1925
Cloudy and cold

Papa phoned all of us to come as Harry was there so Guy drove over after me and the babies. Bur’s came down and the “gang was all there”. Writing with baby nursing and Ned climbing over the arms of my chair makes writing difficult. Baby slept all the time we were at the folk’s when there were so many there to nurse her for me.

(Harry, Guy, and Bur were Grandma’s three older brothers. The "babies" are Ned & Marjorie. I am assuming that the others (Gilbert, Dale, Dick & Albert) took the bus.

Sounds like they had a nice, impromptu family gathering, an opportunity for everyone to meet the newest family member, Marjorie. And Marjorie slept through it all!)

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