Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sunday, November 28, 1926

Sunday, November 28, 1926

Dick and Albert have been writing to Nell while Dale was outdoors playing football. I’ll have to write to Nell and tell her not to pay any attention to the Christmas lists as so many of the things have been supplied. Dick has his shopping done and all his things wrapped. He could hardly wait to get home from Sunday school. I went and took Ned but Gilbert and Marjorie stayed home. A Mrs. Boaz from Antioch church called but I’m sure she didn’t get much encouragement. She lives close to Central!!

(I assume the "Central" Grandma referred to was their church, Central Christian Church. Just like today, it seems like people who wanted you go to their church in the 1920's showed up at the door on a Sunday morning to invite you, assuming that if you were home, you didn't go to any church.)

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