Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thursday, November 4, 1926

Thursday, November 4, 1926
Cold, cloudy

Expected to all go to the church for supper but Dick was still weak and sore from a severe attack of indigestion he has last night. He was not able to go to school so, as it was so cold, we thought best to leave him at home. So left Marjorie with him till Gilbert could get home to them, and I went with the three other boys. Had a fine time at Grace Morgan’s table. Ned cried when left with the children so I took him to prayer meeting with me and he was too wiggly so I spent the rest of the time with Albert’s bunch making clay articles.

(Dick was 8 at this time, when Grandma left Marjorie with him for a short time. According to Aunt Majorie, Grace Morgan was "Aunt Grace" to them.)

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  1. This must have been the thursday night supper at the church (for 25 cents) Each table sat 10 or 12 @ a church lady was asked to sit at the head & play hostess. Her job was to make sure the serving bowls were refilled & every one had their drinks refilled & desert served. When I became a teenager I was asked to play hostess occasionally. (Of course I hadn't learned how to say 'no' yet. But it was ok. lol)