Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saturday, May 21, 1927

Saturday, May 21, 1927

Mama told me if I could get her irons from town she would bring them down as I have to iron a few things to wear tomorrow. So I made the trip and just as I got home, the electricity was turned on and I didn’t need them at all. Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean.

(I guess great-grandmother's irons were the kind you heat up on a stove and then use. It would be hard to iron that way!)

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  1. I remember seeing that kind at my grandmother's house, Carol - she had one handle and several metal iron parts, so the irons would be on the basement stove, she'd use the handle to pick one up and press the clothes for a couple of minutes, then she'd push some latch to release the cooled iron onto the stove and pick up a hot one. All the clothes had to have sprinkled and rolled ahead of time, of course.

    What staggering amounts of time and labor were spent in order to look respectable.