Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Friday, July 1, 1927

Friday, July 1, 1927
Hot, breeze

Papa said to take Marjorie’s band off and dress her as cool as possible so I cut out and made two sleeveless voile dresses, turned her out bare footed and she did seem better. Cried in the PM a lot and Papa got her some ice cream. She ate a lot of that.

(I wonder what the band is that Granda mentioned?)

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  1. I'm not positive Carol, but I remember the grownups talking about using a belly band on one of my younger cousins when I was a kid. The band was a strip of heavy cloth held on with safety pins that was supposed to flatten an umbilical hernia.
    Bet it was uncomfortable and hot!

    Ask Marjorie if she has an 'outie'!