Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sunday, July 3, 1927

Sunday, July 3, 1927

Went to Sunday school. However, Dick had the earache and a bad cold and Gilbert stayed home with Marjorie. I stayed to church, came home, got dinner, put the 2 little ones to bed and went to see Mama who came back from the funeral instead of staying a while as expected.

(The funeral was for Mama's brother, Jim.

Aunt Marjorie wrote, "When I was young, Mother would start the meat and leave it cooking slowly and peel the potatoes (always potatoes) and have vegetables (green beans or peas or carrots cooked with meat) and when she got home from church, dinner was almost ready - especially if one of us came home right after Sunday school and started the potatoes cooking.)

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  1. Nice to hear what was being served for Sunday dinner. Not much detail about food in these diaries, very unlike you find today where all we do is talk of food.