Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tuesday, July 5, 1927

Tuesday, July 5, 1927
Warmer and fair

I washed while the boys cleaned up the mess in the front yard. They did a good job, but too much fussing about it. Each was afraid he was doing more than his share of the work. Pretty cross bunch and Dick coughs all the time.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "The day after the big day was not nearly as much fun to pick up the litter from the fireworks, which could be dangerous if a lawn mower flipped a sparkler, for instance, into somebody. (Besides the unsightly look of a mowed lawn with tiny chopped pieces of red and white pieces of fireworks.) I was 13, just before I started high school (1938) when Indiana outlawed fireworks for public use."

Today, it seems once again, anything goes when it comes to fireworks!)

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  1. Wish we could again outlaw fireworks for home use. It was a war zone here last night.