Monday, June 02, 2008

THursday, June 2, 1927

Thursday, June 2, 1927
Cloudy and cool

Finished ironing and mended and darned all the rest of the day – such a lot of it to do. Planned to paint the boys’ beds but every day I could do it, it is rainy so they wouldn’t dry and I have to put it off. I built another fire.

(I'm surprised it was cool enough in June that they needed to fire up the coke furnace. Was the house that poorly insulated? I suppose it probably was.)

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  1. You're right. The house was very poorly insulated, if it was insulated at all. In the winter the upstairs rooms were very icy (remember, heat goes up). We would wake up in the morning with frost all over the floors & ice on the inside of the windows. In very cold weather we put newspapers between the blankets as added insulation. Kind of noisy, but warmer