Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sunday, January 23, 1927

Sunday, January 23, 1927
Rain and ice

Ice everywhere – a good excuse not to go to Sunday School in my tacky old hat. Dale and Dick went. Had a good long day here with the family and so slick no one ventured out that didn’t have to go. Found kitchen drain pipe had a hole in it.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Women always wore hats those days. I always wore hats, too, I believe, until the early 1960's. Mother was shocked when I went to Uncle Guy's funeral without wearing a hat, but saw that some of the other woment weren't wearing hats, either."

Grandma worked as a milliner, a hat maker, before she got married, so she seemed to be particularly fond of good, stylish hats, though it appears she couldn't afford them most of the time.)

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  1. Seems like Grandma was really depressed of late about her wardrobe.