Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Friday, March 11, 1927

Friday, March 11, 1927
Fair and warm

Mr. Gordon, Dick’s news boss was here this morning while I was still ironing. He took quite an interest in Dick’s pictures and poems and promised to take Dick down to the news to see Kim Hubbard and Chas. Kuhn some Saturday morning when he gets well.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Mr. Gordon must have been in charge of the kids who had paper routes. The news was the Indianapolis News, an afternoon dialy newspaper. Kim Hubbard was a daily (I think) contributor for a number of years. He was well known for his folksy poems. I don't know who Chas. Kuhn was.")


  1. It would be interesting to read and see Dick's poems and pictures. How many children do we know who could write poetry that would interest anyone but their parents. Didn't he get something printed in some publication not too many diary entries ago?
    Kathy, the older sister

  2. Carol, I googled around and found bits and pieces. There is a Charles Kuhn who was an editorial cartoonist while he worked in Indianapolis. By the 1940's he was in Chicago where he started the comic strip "Grandma".
    The Indianapolis Heritage Preservation Center lists a Charles Kuhn house but that Charles was a German butcher - doesn't seem likely to be the one in the diary.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Kathy, Grandma wrote a few days back that he one a contest or something for one of his poems, I think.

    Annie, Charles Kuhn the editorial cartoonist must have been the visitor. It was nice of him to take interest in Dick.