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Wednesday, March 23, 1927

Wednesday, March 23, 1927
Cool and cloudy

Washed and then cut out and almost made my silk dress. Still awfully tired. Dick’s teachers, Mrs. Kayser, Mrs. Aufderhreide, Miss Swope, and Mrs. Shelby all called on him. I made his birthday cake – angelfood.

(Mom tells a funny story about someone in the family always bringing the best tasting, lightest angel food cakes to family gatherings. She would never give out her recipe. It turned out that her neighbor was baking them for her! At least Grandma made her own cakes.

Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Dick's 9th birthday! Helen Aufderheide was also one of my teachers, probably the most dedicated teacher I ever had. I had her for the 3rd or 4th grade class, then had her again as our science teacher for 7th, 8th grade. She would take groups of us on the street car to the Butler University campus to spot birds in the woods and on a clear evening, she would meet groups of us to point out the stars and tell us their names and constellations. Her patient husband would accompany her. When we had problems learning something, she would arrive at school a half hour early for a week at a time to tudor us.)

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