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Wednesday, March 9, 1927

Wednesday, March 9, 1927

This was the day of the party. Miss Parsons had said she would stay with Dick but I found out that Mrs. Peggs wanted her as she wanted to go so I stayed at home. After supper Mr. and Mrs. Peggs called and brought us some flowers from the party.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Miss Parsons must have been a member of our church, since knew both Mother & Mrs. Peggs. I wonder if Mother got her new dress made."

I would guess with Dick laid up with a broken leg and Ned sick with a fever, that Grandma didn't get much sewing done.)

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  1. I suspect that one reason Mother offered to stay home was she didn't get her dress done. From previous posts, I think she probably didn't have a suitable outfit for a party unless she made one. (Of course Mrs Parsons could have said no, I've already promised to watch Dick)

    How formal they were back then, calling each other Mrs, Miss, or Mr. I don't think I ever heard her call her friends by their first names, except for a few close friends enough that we called then 'aunt or uncle'.