Thursday, October 18, 2007

Monday, October 18, 1926

No diary entry for today.

Continuing Aunt Marjorie's memories of Grandma working...

"Mother worked there (Tech High School) in the attendance office for 20 plus years, starting, if I remember correctly, at $15.00 a week, until she was 72 years old. For some years, only teachers were qualified to have pensions, and finally rules were changed so other workers connected with schools could, I suppose, buy into the pension program. Mother had to stay long enough to qualify for a pension, thus she was 72 years old, when she retired."

I didn't know that Grandma worked for that long!

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  1. I wonder if she enjoyed her retirement with no one at home with her & no schedule to keep. By this time she had a modern furnace & refrigation and she had put new windows in so the wind didn't whistle thru, but the house was still old. Dale had given her a new couch & we gave her a new carpet (used) for the living room. There was talk that interstate 70 might go in near her house & she would have to sell, but they went further north, so she wasn't affected. She did mention once she wished they did buy her property then she would be forced to move to a more retirement friendly location. I think she wanted to move, but couldn't force herself into it. Quite a few memories in that old house.