Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saturday, October 30, 1926

Saturday, October 30, 1926
Colder and rainy

Went down to the bank for Gilbert and ran into Mama. We got awfully cold waiting for the bus and thought of Dale without his “heavies” today. He outgrew his good ones he got last spring so we went to Ayres and got him 3 suits and shirt on Mama’s charge account. Came home and found he had been out collecting all morning and was wet and cold so had him bathe and crawl into his new clothes but afraid he has taken a heavy cold anyway.

(It's curious to me how Grandma ran into her mother at the bank, which I assume was downtown, since that's where the Ayres store was. Indianapolis was surely a big enough city even in the 1920's that it would be unusual to run into someone like that.)

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  1. I have a suspicion that I might have had to wear the boy's outgrown heavy socks. They were a dark brown print, not the least bit feminine. When I wore them I worried that people would think I was a boy. (Never mind the long blond curls)