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Thursday, October 7, 1926

Thursday, October 7, 1926

Went out to Anna Mocks and spent the day, leaving the boys’ lunch on the table and arranging for them to meet Gilbert at the church for supper. Anna had invited Helen Lewis Mockford out too and we had such a very pleasant time. It has been twelve years since we three had been together before. Helen has a baby boy three days older than Marjorie. They are about the same in development except he has seven teeth. He is taller than Marjorie but weighs a little less. Helen weighs 96.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote that she had never heard of Helen Lewis Mockford, so perhaps she was someone Grandma went to high school with? Grandma graduated from Shortridge High School in Indianapolis in 1910.

According to Eleanor, there was a supper every Thursday at the church and you could eat there for 25 cents or something like that, so they often did that. There was one woman who cooked all the food.)

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