Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thursday, October 14, 1926

No diary entry today.

I'll continue with some of Aunt Marjorie's memories of the 1930's, when Grandma had to get a job because her husband Gilbert could not work due to Parkinson's disease.

"The first job Mother got was selling irons (to iron clothes)".

I did not know that! I always assumed she went right to work in the office at Tech High School. However, Grandma did seem to spend quite a bit of time ironing her own family's clothes, so maybe she thought it was a product that she knew a lot about and thus it would be easy to sell them.

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  1. Since I wasn't born until 1929, I was not aware of her job efforts. I do know she had a job in an office downtown before she went to Tech High School for an job in their office, which is where she stayed until she retired. I guess I was a latch key child, but we never locked our doors back then. What a difference between then & now.