Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sunday, October 3, 1926

Sunday, October 3, 1926
Fair and warm

Took the baby’s pictures on her Taylor Tot this PM as I probably won’t get a chance on her birthday. Took her to Sunday school in the morning and had the birthday candles. Also heard that Georgia’s girl arrived last evening. Everything ok. Was so glad to hear it. Georgia deserves something good to happen to her, she has had it so unpleasant all her married life on account of her “pilly” mother-in-law and her own bad health.

(Not quite sure who Georgia was, but it sounds like she didn't have an easy life.)

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  1. Georgia must be a church friend but since she didn't use a last name I don't know who she is either. Maybe her 'bad health' was aggrivated by her 'philly mother-in-law'. Marjorie's birthday will be the 5th of Oct.