Friday, October 26, 2007

Tuesday, October 26, 1926

Tuesday, October 26, 1926

Marjorie seemed to sicken on the breast milk this AM so decided to cut it out pronto. Consequently, I spent the bigger part of the day with a crying baby. Was going to go to the Missionary society, taking Mama as this is guest day but Marjorie was so cross I decided it would be better not to go. It really is not much pleasure going a place like that and taking two babies. No one can keep them but Mama but if there is anyone going she always wants to go too! So I stay at home.

(It seems that most of the time, Grandma stayed home with kids, and didn't go very many places, with them or without them.)

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  1. iF Marjorie was sickened on breast milk, why was she so cross. I think my grandmother (Mama) was a little bit selfish, at least that has always been my impression of her. Of course, I don't remember my mother speaking up. Maybe Mama didn't know her help was needed?