Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wednesday, October 13, 1926

No diary entry today.

Aunt Marjorie wrote some more notes about what happens a bit later, in the 1930's...

"When it became apparent that Daddy (Gilbert) couldn't work much longer, Mother went to Tech night school and learned shorthand and typing. I hated the nights Mother wasn't home!"

Gilbert had Parkinson's disease, which eventually forced him to have to leave his job. In the 1930's, there was no long-term disability, social security, or other financial safety nets so Grandma had to face getting a job. I wonder why Grandma didn't consider going back into the hat making business, since she worked as a milliner before she got married?


  1. I'm going to guess that there was not a great demand for hats in the 30's and Grandma apparently liked using the typewriter. Maybe she thought it would be easier to find employment with typing skills.
    Kathy, the older sister.

  2. Mother always wore a hat outside the home. At one time she wanted me to help her go thru her hats to see which ones she should get rid of. As I remember, everyone I suggested she get rid of she wouldn't, as she might need it. So we didn't get rid of any hats. It could be she didn't get paid all that much as a milliner. But she did take all the velvet & satin fabric scraps left over from her hat making to make a beautiful crazy quilt, which by the way was very heavy and only used if someone was sick with a chill.