Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Friday, April 15, 1927

Friday, April 15, 1927

Put in another big day on the coat. My there is lots of work to it! Nearly put my eyes out and had a sick headache by supper. Took Marjorie to the barber shop. Got my new waterless cooker.

(Waterless cooker? I found this information:

"In the 1920s, West Bend introduced its famous "Waterless Cooker", a large pot with inset pans designed to cook an entire meal over one burner. The lid of the cooker was fitted with clamps that prevented the escape of steam during cooking, enabling meals to be cooked without the addition of water. Advertising for the cooker illustrated the convenience, healthfulness and economy of waterless cooking. The new product was marketed coast-to-coast and worldwide. The waterless cooker evolved into cookware sets which adapted the cooking method to sauce pans, skillets, and roasters."

Grandma must have thought she had some very modern cookware for the time!)

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