Monday, April 21, 2008

Thursday, April 21, 1927

Thursday, April 21, 1927
Rain, cold

Spent most of the AM building a fire and talking on phone. Mrs. Collins telling me about a nice big house she thinks we could trade for. My Sunday School class had a tea that I intended to attend, but couldn’t get any one to stay with the babies and too bad to take them out.
(I can't imagine having to build a fire in the furnace whenever you wanted heat from it.)


  1. Hi Carol,
    Been reading for awhile but have not commented before.
    I enjoy my daily trips to 1927! Thank you for posting!

    PS - I hate ironing and am awed that Ruth did so much of it, so often!

  2. this blog is adorable, and fascinating! did she write her diary in the 1930's as well? it would be engrossing to read a primary source pertaining to the great depression. Ruth Campbell.. the name seems familiar... was she famous, renown?

  3. I can't imagine it either. And it must have been cold as she didn't want to take the kids out.

  4. All, thank you for comments. Alec, my grandmother was not famous, by any means, but was a good person who raised six children under sometimes trying conditions. Sadly, I only have diaries through the end of 1927. There may be some diaries from the 1930's, but I don't have them. We don't know where those diaries are, or even if they still exist.