Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tuesday, April 26, 1927

Tuesday, April 26, 1927
Fair and warmer

Bradbury didn’t show up and I couldn’t call him and the front door banged shut and broke the glass to powder. Wanted to go to Missionary meeting so taped a sheet over it and went. A Mrs. Brad told us of her trip to Egypt. Left the two babies with Mama.

(Grandma always had a glass front door, as far as I know, with a white sheer curtain over it. I bet that was a mess when the glass in that door broke. Today, no one would go off and leave with just a sheet taped up where the door was in that neighborhood. Unforunately it is in one of the highest crime areas of Indianapolis. "The old neighborhood just ain't what it used to be!")

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  1. It is sad the days of being able to tape a sheet over the door are gone.