Thursday, February 22, 2007

Monday, February 22, 1926

Monday, February 22, 1926

The boys home all day dodging in and out. Mama came out about noon and Mrs. Collins came late in the afternoon and watched me sew. I made Albert a waist and she marveled at the ease with which I did it. A boy’s waist is a big job for her, but I told her that was because she never made many of them. I hope I get as much accomplished all week, as I did a pretty good sized wash by hand this AM. Been working in my low bath slippers, but have decided to put my shoes on soon even if my toe does hurt for these flat shoes make me tired all over.

(A "waist" is a type of shirt, by the way. And this would have been a school holiday, Washington's Birthday!)


  1. In response to the comment a few days ago questioning how we could be related to George Washington, my aunt sent me this, "I went on line and typed in "George Wahingtons mother Mary Ball" and the following website was interesting.

    IT is a complicated history
    Mary Ball (Mother of George Washington) was the daughter of Joseph Ball and Mary Montague Johnson (she was married before and I did not see Bennett any where) Johnson had many children but it seems Mary was the only child between Joseph and Mary. This was a second marriage when he married Mary. Also Mary was married to a Johnson and they had Elizabeth and John they Mary Johnson married Joseph Ball and when he died she married Richard Hues.

    So Mary Balls father was married twice, first to Elizabeth Romny and then Mary Johnson.
    Mary Balls mother was married 3 times --first to a Johnson and had Elizabeth and John and then married Joseph Ball and had Mary Ball and then married Richard Hues
    So any of these half bothers and sisters would have family stories about being related to George Washington when Mary Ball married Augustine Washington and had five children, one being George.
    Mary Ball died a few months after he became President.

    So now you go find the answer in your spare time. Ha
    Happy George Washington's Birthday.

  2. sister with the homestead4:36 AM, February 23, 2007

    Thanks Carol. That clears things up! (Kind of like mud)