Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Saturday, February 20, 1926

Grandma did not have a diary entry for this day. Since it was just President's Day, I thought I would explain how through Gilbert, we can trace the family tree back to a branch in George Washington's family tree.

Gilbert's mother was Lucinda Caroline Thompson.
Lucinda's mother was Mariah Caldwell Thompson, born October 10, 1808, died April 26, 1886.
Mariah is somehow related to the sister of Mary Ball, "who married a Caldwell". I don't know if the sister of Mary Ball was Mariah's mother or her grandmother, I just know that she married someone with the last name of Caldwell.

Mary Ball was George Washington's mother.

At least that is what Grandma wrote in her family history.


  1. That is an interesting piece of family history. You know I like genealogy like you like gardening. You might want to check out page 20 of the Johnson family history. You are a 1st cousin 4 times removed to Ulysses S. Grant.
    I continue to enjoy your blogs.

  2. I find family trees very interesting. Carol's other grandma traced her male line back to the Battle of Hastings in about 1070. We also have links to some prominent people in history.

  3. George Washington's mother, Mary Ball was the only child of Joseph Ball and Mary Bennett. George and Martha had no children so there are no direct descendants. The Battle of Hastings was in 1066.