Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sunday, February 7, 1926

Sunday, February 7, 1926

Grandpa Smith was here today. We got out our old Kodak pictures and was looking at them – made fudge – read and had a very enjoyable day. Dale and I went to church to hear the new minister. We liked his sermon very much and the man, as much as we saw of him. This was his first Sunday evening service. He was here last Sunday morning but Dr. Smith preached his farewell sermon that evening. Shullenberger was especially cordial to Dale – patted him on the back, etc. He has three boys, the youngest Dale’s age.

(Sounds like a very nice Sunday! Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Dr Shullenberger did my wedding, and Eleanor's? Anyway, he was there many years". Eleanor (Mom) got married in 1950, Marjorie in 1945.)


  1. sister with the homestead1:53 AM, February 07, 2007

    OK Eleanor. I grew up under the impression (I'm sure I was told this) that you could ONLY make fudge at Christmas time. Here it is, Feb 7th, an ordinary winter day, Christmas long past, and Grandma is making fudge! How could that possibly be, Eleanor?

  2. Sherry, I don't recall making a statement that fudge can be made only at Christmas. In fact, since it's a snowy stay-at-home day, why don't you & Sophie make some today? It would sure taste good.

  3. Friend of Sister with the Homestead:

    Could you make a couple of extra bites for me? I'm with Eleanor--that sounds great.

    My Mother was a great candy maker, also. She never used a thermometer, but dropped the candy into cold water to check the consistency. I don't have the knack, and have thrown out many a batch. I also have fond memories of cracking hickory nuts to add to the candy. My Father and I prepared the nuts while my Mother made the candy. Yum!!

    My Mother also had 2 great cake recipes she made. I thought she had taken the recipes "to the grave" but have now found them. She did not like to share the recipes, and in fact, she took 2 days to prepare one of the cakes--adding this and that, cooling the batter and warming it again. I will give it a try one of these days. We really miss those cakes.

    My boys, 12 and 14, had tinker toys--one of their favorites and Lincoln logs. They are a couple of the last toys we have held onto for visitors and grandkids (yikes!)

    A beautiful winter day!!