Sunday, February 18, 2007

Thursday, February 18, 1926

Thursday, February 18, 1926
Dark and rainy

Managed to get my ironing done by sitting on my high stool. Then I did most of my mending. Four pairs of pants, other things and Dale’s lumberjack. These boys so active and hard on clothes! Dale is the worst. He has two pairs of everyday pants and one for Sunday and this week he has torn his pants every day making me always having a pair to patch. Yesterday I didn’t get it done and so today he had to wear his Sunday pants to school so this evening I had a button off of them to sew on and a little hole in the knee to darn. I patched up an old discarded pair for Dick so as he wouldn’t have to wear his best to school while I darned his school pants.

(Aunt Marjorie wrote, "Too bad jeans were not available for kids those days! Now days, if jeans get a hole in the knee it is stylish to wear them without patching them apparently, according to the TV ads."

I'm sure fabrics were not as sturdy then as they are now. And it is good that Grandma knew how to patch and darn. Did every woman have this skill back then?)

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  1. Guess what. I'm still patching jeans. Mostly it's the seams that split open, or it's a little hole in an area where you really don't want a hole. Holes in the knees or legs are ok. I just patch the others