Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Saturday, February 27, 1926

Again, Grandma did not write in her diary today. Here is some information from Aunt Marjorie on the piano playing:

"When Albert was in high school, he visited one of his school friends in Irvington, either John or Louis Bruck and was enthralled with their ability to play the piano. Bruck told his teacher, Edith Garrison at 101 S. Ritter (I think) who invited Albert as a scholarship student. He advanced quickly, and I still instantly recognize the classical music he played. (One of the Bruck boys was killed in WWII. Their sister Katherine was at Tech (High School) with Ned.)"

Here's a link to a picture of Albert as an adult and a link to more information about him. Would any family members care to comment with memories of Uncle Albert?


  1. sister with the homestead12:27 PM, February 27, 2007

    I think I only met him once or twice, but I remember him as smiling and quiet. He wore a Snoopy sweatshirt to Catholic mass which has always struck me as funny. (I think he was going incognito). I also know my mom says he was the nicest to her growing up -- the one who always had time for her. Isn't the family legend that he fell in love, asked his beloved to marry him, she turned him down. He then went into the priesthood, and then later his beloved reconsidered, but at that point, it was too late - he was already committed to the priesthood..... Isn't there a romance novel in there begging to written?

  2. Growing up and as an adult I always considered Albert one of the kindest people i"ll ever know.He would give me his last nickle if I wanted an ice cream cone. He would take me to the library on his bike and pull my sled up the hill in winter. I understand he was the one who named me.