Thursday, March 22, 2007

Monday, March 22, 1926

Monday, March 22, 1926
Fair and cold

Albert’s eyes were about all right today but Dick came home at noon with his all inflamed. I began to think it was the “pink eye” and called to ask Papa if he had heard of any cases and if he should go to school. He thought it was just cold so he could go but it was raining so hard I let him stay home in the afternoon. I couldn’t wash so I made a couple of waists for Dale.

(I wonder if the rain was the reason she couldn't wash? I assume she meant wash clothes.)


  1. If it was pinkeye he shouldn't go to school as it is contagous. She probably couldn't do the laundry as there would be no place to dry it. If she didn't have the furnace on the air in the house would have been damp

  2. Traditionally the laundering was done on Monday. In Cheryl Mendelson's excellent book "Home Comforts" she writes:

    For at least a hundred years and probably much longer, the heart of housework was a weekly routine that assigned each of the major housekeeping chores to one day of the week. You see variants of the routine, but in my childhood people did washing (laundering) on Monday, ironing on Tuesday, sewing on Wednesday, marketing on Thursday, cleaning on Friday, and baking on Saturday. Sunday was the day of rest.

    She also adds:

    In the old days laundering was done on Monday, after the Sabbath rest, because it involved such backbreaking labor that you needed to be fresh and rested to get through it.