Friday, March 23, 2007

Tuesday, March 23, 1926

No diary entry today, so I'll post some other additional information. Aunt Marjorie wrote the following about the books they had.

"Some of the book we grew up with were "The Six Little Bunkers" and "Bobsey Twins". I still have some of them. We also always read (or were read to) Uncle Wiggley every evening in the newspaper. When a little older, I loved my brothers' boy-oriented books, "Jerry Todd" and "Poppy Ott", also Tom Swift. Mother once counted all the books in our house and it came to over 1,000."

My Mom is also an avid reader, she must have picked that up from Grandma!


  1. The reading gene, if there is such a thing, shows up in this branch of Grandma's family. I imagine if we counted the books we have, it would be at least the 1000 that Grandma had. It's a good gene to be passed down. (Much better than the "bad feet" gene that she also gave me).
    Kathy, the older sister

  2. You really were a reading family! I never heard of the Six Little Bunkers, but was given one called The Five Little Peppers, and think a cousin gave us the Bobbsey Twins.


  3. I remember the
    "Bobsey Twins". A frequent crossword puzzle question is to name one of the Bobsey Twins (Nan). I have over 6 books waiting to be read, and I rarely get rid of a book unless I didn't like it. After all, I may want to read them again.

  4. Nan's brother was Bert, and the smaller twins were Freddie and Flossie. Yes, I remember the Bobbsey Twins! We used to read our mother's books she'd saved from her girlhood. The same with Nancy Drew, but back in those days she drove a "roadster" and her skirts were ankle-length!