Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saturday, March 27, 1926

The snow from the previous day must have done Grandma in... no diary entry today or tomorrow. There is a diary entry on March 29th.

I would like to note that I have been referring to my Great-Grandmother as Nancy Elizabeth Jordan Campbell, because that was her name. However, Aunt Marjorie wrote me to let me know that Great-Grandmother didn't use Nancy as part of her name because she didn't like it.

Aunt Marjorie wrote, "She dis-liked her first name. I once asked Mother why she didn't give me a pretty name like Nancy and she said it was because Grandmother hated it. At the Jordan reunions at Gibson City, IL or Renssalaer, IN all I heard was "Aunt Lizzie". In Indianapois and at church she was simply "Elizabeth Campbell". The gravestone at Crown Hill Cemetery simply says "Dr. Rolla W. & Elizabeth Campbell. I believe she didn't feel like she was a "Nancy".


  1. Several of my ancestors used their middle names for one reason or another. I always thought it odd but it seems it was quite an acceptable thing.

  2. Just found your blog. What a great idea! I recently started a blog at my daughter's recommendation to try to tell stories about my family and to pass on some of our history. As the older people pass away, I realize how much we've all missed.

  3. Apple Yes, using middle names wasn't that uncommon. Dale was actually a middle name. The oldest son was really Gilbert Dale Smith, and Grandma's brother, Guy, was really George Guy.
    Sandi Always happy to have someone else discover and read the diaries! I think passing on family history is a noble and worthwhile use of time!