Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wednesday, March 3, 1926

Since Grandma did not write in her diary today, we'll continue with excerpts from the family history she wrote.

"After their wedding, the Campbells went to housekeeping in Fort Recovery (Ohio), where Rolla started his practice of medicine in the office of Dr. John Adams, who also had a drug store and the new doctor was employed at $26 a month. That was not too meager a start in those days for they were content with their scanty furnishings, which were as good as their contemporaries had when they started out."

I used an inflation calculate to determine that what cost $26 in 1879 would cost $524.35 in 2006. I don't think that really tells us what standard of living someone could afford making $26 per month in 1879. I found another site that indicated $1 in 1878 would be the same as $15.19 today.

I think it is safe to say that a young doctor did not make a lot of money back then.

("Campbells" are Ruth's parents, Rolla was her father).

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  1. I wonder if Dr Campbell (grandfather Rolla) received payment other than money. His real love was in the making of medicine. He made a salve that was used for a lot of things, and we always had to have some around the house. Then the Food & Drug
    Adm, got into the business and made it a law that a single Dr. couldn't make their own medicine. But we survived because we were able to buy the same salve. They called it Vicks Vaporub. Boy, wouldnt we like to own that co.