Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Saturday, March 6, 1926

More family history because Grandma has a gap in her diary writing...

Grandma had three older brothers, George Guy (called Guy) born Feb. 17, 1880, Andrew Wilbur (called Bur) born September 16, 1881, Harry Jordan born September 23, 1883. Grandma was born December 18, 1892. When Grandma was five years old, they moved to Gibson City, Illinois and Grandma wrote:

"It was time for school to start when we moved, and my father was going to take Harry to enroll him when I begged to go along, just to be going somewhere, and I was permitted to go, after I had promised not to beg to enroll in school too, as I had not yet passed my sixth birthday and my folks thought that I would not be entitled to enter until I was six. So Harry was enrolled, then the principal insisted that I enter too when he learned that my birthday was before Christmas. So I not only entered school as a surprise before I was six, they found that I already knew the first year work before many weeks had passed, for while I played around the printing office with Guy, he had taught me my numbers and how to read and spell, and also how to set type. So before long, I was in the second grade."

All three of Grandma's brothers were in the printing business, working for a variety of printers and newspapers. She noted that her brother Guy started a newspaper and ran a job printing office at the age of eighteen, in Ashkum, Illinois, the youngest newspaper editor in the state.

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  1. sister with the homestead6:17 AM, March 06, 2007

    Carol, You should post that picture of Ruth and her brothers taken when Ruth was about 5 -- the one where they are standing at the gate. It's a very cute picture.