Friday, March 09, 2007

Tuesday, March 9, 1926

The next several posts will be about Gilbert Leo Smith. Aunt Marjorie corrected me on the job he had at the local gas company:

"Daddy was chief clerk! He had a secretary and occasionally talked about her. She was an identical twin, and one time a boyfriend came to see her and she just didn't want to see him. She said, "I'm sorry but my sister isn't home." Another time, Daddy asked me for one of my magazines, 'Wee Wisdom' so his secretary could show it to her niece."

Here's a link to a picture of Gilbert's office at the gas company and a link to a picture of him taken at outside at the gas company.

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  1. I wasn't aware of his real job at the Gas Co. All I ever knew was he worked there. I guess I was too young to be interested in what he did. Most of my young life he was not in good health