Sunday, March 11, 2007

Thursday, March 11, 1926

Grandma starts to write in her diary in just a few more days. In the meantime, here is more from her family history:

"Gilbert, being unable to run and play with the other children, became an avid reader and it was at this time that his Aunt Lucy remarked that it was too bad that Liney's boy would never amount to anything because he was always sitting around with his nose in a book!... After Gilbert graduated from the Ladoga High School, the family moved to Crawfordsville, where Nell worked as a night operator for the telephone company and Bess became a sales lady in Bischoff's Dry Goods Store. By that time, Gilbert was able to walk without a cane, but the right limb was always shorter than the left, and he had to have his shoe rebuilt with an extension heel, and the limp was always visible. He was always sensitive about his condition and seemed to strive to compensate by holding his shoulders erect, and standing as tall as possible. He loved to take long walks even when he had to use his cane, and on days when there was no school, as a boy he would be found on the creek bank, fishing or swimming. His family did not know about his ability to swim until a school mate of his approached Bess on the street, and congratulated her on his bravery in pulling out another boy who was drowning. Bess was amazed and told him that he must have the wrong person in mind, as her brother was a cripple and could not swim but was soon convinced that he was the best swimmer of the crowd.

When they moved to Crawfordsville, the family was indignant because he refused to take a job of running the elevator in Bischoff's store, but he had other ideas. He decided to go to business college and prepare himself for a job in an office, but not having any money for the tuition, he spent the summer previous to entering doing janitor work, cleaning and painting at the college preparatory to its opening in the fall. So he worked his way through and garduated a respected member of his class, who had made good grades and several fast friends, Paul Jones and Nina Mount, who later married, and Everett McMullen."

I'll finish the story of Gilbert over the next few days...


  1. How lucky you are to have this story written down, Carol. Gilbert must have been an amazing young man.


  2. You have to admire a person who follows a dream & doesn't let a handicap stop him.